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Clovs Indonesia is a supplier of Agriculture whose quality is guaranteed and trusted to work together. we provide our best choice of spices in all of Indonesia and And not only spices, we also accommodate coconut and and we also supply raw materials from coconut which will be in production some processed products and all product we can provide for you

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The History of Indonesian spices

As one of the largest spice producing countries in the world, the name Indonesia has no doubt around the world. Apart from arts and culture, Indonesia has a very diverse natural wealth of spices. The diversity of these spices is an inseparable part of the history of the Indonesian nation.

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This is our short video, which tells about the activities of our company which is engaged in clove products. in this video tells the initial process, starting from clove gardening, picking, drying, to bringing it into the warehouse, after being in the warehouse, the quality of the cloves is checked so that it conforms to existing standards, after which the cloves are cleaned of dirt, such as dust, stalks, and etc, and finally, cloves are ready to be exported worldwide.